C-Port® System

C-Port System

C-Port xA® Distal Anastomosis System

Our C-Port xA system attaches the end of a bypass graft to a coronary artery downstream of an occlusion or narrowing during coronary artery bypass graft (CABG) surgery. The C-Port xA system is cleared for use in the United States and bears the CE mark of conformity for sale in the European Union.

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C-Port xA Product Brochure
C-Port® Flex-A® Product Brochure
PAS-Port® Product Brochure
The C-Port xA:

"Works on very small coronary arteries."

  • Creates compliant, interrupted anastomoses, which can expand and contract with blood flow
  • Completes an anastomosis in two minutes
  • Produces consistent, reproducible anastomoses
  • Can be used on- or off-pump
  • Works on coronary arteries as small as 1.25 millimeters in internal diameter
  • Allows mechanically-governed repeatability and reduced procedural complexity
  • Works with grafts of various diameters and double wall thicknesses less than 1.4 millimeters
  • Minimizes scarring and potential occlusion of the anastomosis by achieving nearly complete alignment of the natural blood lining surfaces of the coronary artery and the graft

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