Cardiac Surgeons Perspective - Husam Balkhy, MD

Milwaukee, WI

"I am a strong advocate for less invasive cardiac surgery. I have trained numerous surgeons and have highlighted multiple minimally-invasive cardiac surgery techniques at medical meetings across the country." -- Dr. Balkhy
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Minimally-invasive cardiac surgery; robotic heart surgery including coronary revascularization and valve repair; off pump coronary artery bypass grafting; arrhythmia surgery.

Practice Experience

Dr. Balkhy specializes in less-invasive and sternal sparing approaches for a wide spectrum of cardiac surgical procedures. This includes robotic totally endoscopic coronary bypass and endoscopic mitral valve repair, as well as port access aortic valve replacement, and surgery for atrial fibrillation using both robotic and thoracoscopic approaches.

Cardica Experience

Since the introduction of Cardica's automated anastomosis systems in the United States, Dr. Balkhy has deployed more than 800 devices in over 400 patients, and has emerged as a world leader in the field of coronary connector surgery.

In early 2010, Dr. Balkhy achieved a milestone, completing over 100 connector totally endoscopic robotic coronary artery bypass (TECAB) procedures in less than two years using Intuitive Surgical's da Vinci® Surgical System together with the Cardica Flex-A systems. Dr. Balkhy is one of the few surgeons in the United States performing multi-vessel TECAB surgeries using Cardica's Flex-A system to attach blood vessels during closed-chest, completely robotic bypass procedures.

Dr. Balkhy was a principle investigator in the PAS-Port® Proximal Anastomosis System clinical trial, and has published and presented multiple patient studies on the efficacy and patency rates of Cardica's C-Port® Anastomosis Systems.

Background Information

Husam H. Balkhy, MD, is a pioneer in the field of minimally invasive and robotic cardiac surgery. He specializes in the treatment of coronary artery disease, heart valve disorders, atrial fibrillation and other cardiac diseases, using robotic and less invasive techniques in order to reduce pain, disability, and recovery time. Through education, he empowers his patients to take an active and informed role in their care. Dr. Balkhy is one of only a handful of surgeons in the world with extensive experience in performing robotic totally endoscopic beating heart coronary bypass grafting (TECAB). He also has a large experience with robotic mitral valve surgery, and robotic atrial fibrillation surgery as well as minimally invasive (port access) aortic valve surgery.

Dr. Balkhy has served as the primary investigator on several innovative studies designed to improve robotic assisted cardiac surgery. He has contributed to the development of coronary anastomotic connectors, and has the world's largest experience in the use of these devices that eliminate the need for large incisions and sutures during coronary surgery. He actively trains other physicians on how to use these devices.

An accomplished author, Dr. Balkhy has published numerous peer-reviewed articles, as well as several book chapters on robotic cardiothoracic surgery. He frequently is invited to speak at national and international conferences and scientific meetings and has proctored robotic cardiac surgical procedures all over the world. In addition, Dr. Balkhy is a founding member of the Robotic Revascularization Society.

How to find Dr. Balkhy

Dr. Balkhy is a founding member of theĀ University of Chicago, School of Medicine. His office is located at 5841 S. Maryland Ave. Chicago, IL 60637. He may be reached by calling (773) 702-2500, or email hbalkhy@surgery.bsd.uchicago.edu.



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